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    We have one simple mission: preserve human dignity through opportunity creation.
    Even though technology, automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning will replace jobs, we believe they won't replace work. We focus on companies that shape, redefine, and enable the future of work.

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    Future Work
    Skill requirements will shift to ones that require higher skills. Emphasis on retraining and re-skilling especially for mid-career workers who may have grown up in one environment with a certain set of skills, having to move into new occupations, or even in the same occupation, that requires a higher level of skills.


    Emerging Markets Opportunities
    eCommerce ecosystems in emerging markets are ripe for innovation in mobile-first applications.


    Improving security from multiple facets (personal, work, community) to engender trust and promote economic activity.

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    A colleague asked me whether I would use an AI voice replication technology for podcasting or other forms of content creation. My initial thought was why not but then I questioned why and when would I want technology to speak on m

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    Snippet of 1964 Automation Report Commissioned by the POTUS

    Manpower Report In his Report, the President repeated previous legislative proposals to develop an “active manpower policy.” Included were: youth employment, a poverty program, aid to education, additional area redevelopment f